Not Your Average Banjo

Released in 2013, Stephen DiBonaventura leads an ensemble of top players in some of jazz’s best-known standards.  While each member shines in the group, DiBonaventura’s banjo solos display a signature style with beautiful melodic phrasing.  Whether soaring through Arthur Schwartz’s ballad Alone Together or blazing across Chick Corea’s Spain, Stephen DiBonaventura and his band perform with introspection and emotion.

Stephen DiBonaventura – Tenor Banjo
Steve Giordano – Guitar
Steve Meashey – Double Bass
John Mosemann – Percussion

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Unnatural Ax – The Bear

This album features Stephen DiBonaventura on tenor banjo and Gil Corella on tuba.  Together they perform standards, non-standards, and everything in between.  Filled with virtuosic soloing, unorthodox arrangements, and its fair share of humor, it’s pretty clear why this group is called “Unnatural Ax.”

Stephen DiBonaventura – Tenor Banjo
Gil Corella – Tuba
Ken Hall – Guitar
Randy Jennings – Drum Set

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